Roman Zech Gedanken auf Reisen.

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Roman Zech
photo by Fabian Müller, 2014.

A journey in thoughts

A personal blog about everything popping up in my mind. It’s about technology, the media shift and society. But most of the time, not just my thoughts are on a trip, but me, too!

As I started this blog, my travel bug was just about to begin. It is the most amazing thing to discover the globe! And that is the reason why my backpack is always with me or just waiting in the corner for the next trip. If I am not busy with my engineering degree or were not short of money this blog would soon be all covered with memories from even more unique memories!

What happened so far …

I spent twelve years at school, the last four of it at the Kantonsschule am Burggraben (high school in Switzerland). During this time, I was the head of the students radio station (closed since 2016) and I could build a new radio studio as part of my thesis. 
During my gap year, I worked for a railroad company in Switzerland and travelled 42’000km on trains across Europe.

… and what’s up next.

I am proud to be known as a never-resting person. Mobility, movement and traffic lead me through my days. No wonder, that I am studying „traffic systems“. It suits me pretty good.
On my trips I get to know lots of people. If you think I should get to know you better, let me know it!
Or maybe we will meet each other on a travel soon!

Hi there, my name is …

… Roman Zech, 23 years old, from Eastern Switzerland and I like to talk, write and photograph. I want to make the world a happier place day by day. Thanks for being here on my blog.

… and it is all in German!

As you may have realized, my blog is all in German. Not that I am willingly excluding you from my ‚journey in thoughts‘. I travel globally, so I am quiet open-minded and my English is on a good level as well. But German is my native language and my kind of entertaining story telling works best in that (difficult) language. So almost no English here. Sorry! 

Roman Zech Gedanken auf Reisen.

Roman Zech

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